Lost in white

I planned for an outdoor portrait session in late fall. Instead I found myself sitting in front of Ice Queen…hypnotized by her peaceful face.

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Kickstart Your Heart

I was excited when Louis asked me to take photographs for his poems. I don’t read poetry – but this project has opened me up to a different kind of art form.  After taking 12 photographs inspired by Louis’s stories I went for holidays… but Louis didn’t rest. He took this project to whole different level; working on printing the poetry book and organising a small exhibition in Third Space café. It’s been an unusual, very creative and stimulating experience.

2 A Sunny Saturday Kicks Off3 Our friendship still stands, firm it prevails6 My Mother Kindled Colour Schemes4 Not quite a gardening pair12 the streetlight's vigilant gaze will cease7 Ballad of Jack the Lad10 Squinting as she captures shots5 I'm a pussy-footing Protestant DSC_9055 DSC_9092DSC_924211 Edited Empty PurgedDSC_9318

Finding the way through the field

It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone was super hyperactive. We spent the whole afternoon enjoying the weather, collecting flowers, eating ice-cream and … running after Szaffi;) These are few moments before Szaffi’s nap.

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Green Circle

Nostalgic portrait of two young women… with Niamh and Rosin. aDSC_2820 DSC_2507 aDSC_2819 aDSC_2830 aDSC_2828 DSC_2540 DSC_27151 DSC_27371 DSC_2518 DSC_2880 DSC_2562 aDSC_2841 DSC_2755 DSC_2783 DSC_2638 DSC_2764b DSC_2659square DSC_2525b


Just Jack

Jack makes me smile! Funny faces, gorgeous eyes and three Cavaliers around him. This is a quick peek into Jack’s house. aDSC_2111 aDSC_2119 aDSC_2123 aDSC_2131 aDSC_2159 aDSC_2215 aDSC_2234 aDSC_2240 aDSC_2261 aDSC_2278 aDSC_2305 aDSC_2316 aDSC_2345 aDSC_2361 aDSC_2395 aDSC_2408 aDSC_2418 aDSC_2465 aDSC_2494


Nothing is impossible

I am once again at the seaside… this time with Peter.



It is always a joy to return to Glendalough;)

I had one day to take photographs of Kamila. I wanted to return to Glendalough and shot the same places in warm colours of Autumn.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t spend much time there as within 15 min of our arrival clouds covered the entire sky… and of course… It was raining heavily.
I managed to take few shots outside… and more portraits later… in my home studio;)
P.S. Kamila, thank you for your patience and wearing pink dress in “challenging conditions”. Can’t wait till the next visit!;)